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Just this morning, 2am I was suddenly exasperating, hardly can talk or breathe. I was trying to wake up my husband but he too tired from work. You know the feeling of wow, I might really die from this. Did you listen to my episode on self care? I struggle with depression and anxiety, so I feel you it been quite bad for me too lately, so it means so much to me to know someone enjoys my content. January is just the shittiest month for mental health if you live in the Northern hemisphere, ugh. So dark. Also told me that if I needed to buy anything, I could just let her know, and she would pay for it. I found out later 서귀포출장샵 that, while she would pay for (some) stuff I requested, it became a pain because I had to justify every single request. If she didn agree with the request, she wouldn pay. Another hour passes. My phone is blowing up. Twenty something missed calls. We made it back to NJ in time for the simulcast in the movie theaters (no nugs webcasts back then), and made it into the new brunswick theater. We figured it was the next best thing. We were tired, dejected, and just wanted to have some shred of the good time we were missing up in coventry.. You can use a simple finger press test to determine whether you may be suffering from bursitis. (Of course, it’s not proof positive; only your doctor can tell for sure if you have bursitis.) If an area of your foot is tender, press down on it. If the skin turns white when you press and then turns red when you release the pressure, you may have bursitis. I think it the RetailMeNot plug in that I had so I have since removed it. I have received other big cashback with other electronics purchases over the years and most of the small ones that I inquired about have been immediately credited since it only a few dollars or less. I sure I used hundreds of links from them and had to contact them less than a dozen times.queenbella8546 2 points submitted 1 month agoMmmm, that depends on what you’re doing. Bringing it back to Laura Lee, I feel like she doesn’t genuinely understand why what she did is racist, and why her apology shows tone deafness regarding specific issues around race. She just knows she did a Bad Thing, which is using a bad word like there’s a naughty racist checklist. But there’s no real discussion around what it principally demonstrated, what it means for the beauty community that shitty ideas like this have persisted so publically so recently, and examining how it’s affected poc and their feelings in the beauty space (the industry is only just starting to cater for women poc more seriously recently this must feel so shitty for them but somehow this doesn’t feature in the discussion).. If you just want to dodge attack and turtle this isn’t the hero for you. Kensie is all about knowing when apply pressure and taking what they give you. Cant just attack or just turtle. There are parties in Europe (the UK, Germany, etc) that run on a Christian platform, but 서귀포출장샵 it’s so different from what an American Christian platform would be. I’m a Christian in American, and the things some of my fellow Christians say are terrible. They’re often so far into the conservative rabbit hole, they ignore the fundamentals of what Jesus taught.